Appealing to the Heart

with Kathy Beekman, Lorri Acott, and Adam Schultz

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Canyon Road Contemporary Art Gallery
June 29th-July 8th, 2018

Reception June 29th, 5-7pm

An exciting exhibit that Kathy has been working all year towards.  Meet her at the reception on the 29th or while she demonstrates her painting technique on the 30th 11am-2pm.

Canyon Road Spring Art Festival

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Canyon Road Contemporary Art Gallery
May 11-12, 2018

Artists will convene en masse in the venerable art district at dozens of the iconic road’s world class galleries where they will demonstrate their unique creative processes..  See Kathy, she’ll be at the Canyon Road Contemporary Art Gallery located at 622 Canyon Road. 


Littleton Hospital, Healing Art Gallery
January-February, 2018

Fine Art is good medicine.  This exhibit has been carefully curated by Kathy Beekman in order for it to serve as a therapeutic and healing tool in a healthcare environment.  Nostalgia includes original Beekman paintings that comfort and elevate the spirit in patients, caregivers, and medical professionals alike. 

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“Tree Barns on the Hill” has been chosen by the Canyon Road Contemporary Gallery as their #1 Gallery Pick for 2018! This painting will be used as their cover image.