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Thrive Through Travel

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Hi! I’m Kathy and I've been experiencing the world by living in and visiting fantastic places that are well known and secret little gems. I love travel because it connects me to the world.   ​

As an artist, community builder, wellness advocate, and lover of adventure, nature and cultures, my natural next step was to create travel excursions that provide deep connections and immersive experiences with the world. I believe that, if we let it, travel can open our eyes, minds and hearts to different and amazing ways of experiencing life.

Each year I create extraordinary curated trips that connect you with culture and place. No two journeys are ever the same and they are culturally immersive experiences that can incorporate relaxation, culinary delights and exclusive access that are all grounded in meaningful encounters with the destination you are experiencing. These trips are designed to make you feel confident and safe.


Need a group trip planned or a retreat?  I do this too. Thrive Through Travel

specializes in small-group, guided tours to bucket-list destinations around the world. 

curated travel with travel advisor Kathy Beekman
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