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You know that you're ready to move forward within your art world, have the patience to grow your business and realize that you are 100% responsible for this growth.  You have also familiarized yourself with who I am and what art career coaching offers. Now we want to make sure we are a good fit.  Ready?  

Before you fill out and submit your artist profile, which helps us move forward rather quickly, let's make sure you understand a few details:

How We Meet

We meet in person, virtually, or by phone as often as you would like.  Between meetings, you can send accountability updates. I meet you where you are and work at a pace you dictate.

Arrange a Meeting

First, we'll have a 30-minute complimentary meeting to ensure we're a good fit.  This is by phone or virtual.

Our first meeting is scheduled for 2 hours.  Subsequent meetings can be scheduled for 15 minutes or up to 3 hours at a time.   All meetings are based on a $130/hour rate.

Get Started

1. Fill out and submit your artist profile.

2. Wait for your profile to be reviewed.

3. Schedule a 30-minute complimentary meeting after I've reviewed your profile information and emailed you.

4. Make sure we are a good fit during our complimentary meeting.

Get started now by filling out your artist profile.

"Kathy is the reason I got into the art school of my dreams."

Morgan Sannes

"You have inspired me to trust myself and to show up every day as an artist."

Suzanne Ellenbogen

"Your knowledge and experience are invaluable."

Charlotte Bassin

"Kathy is a beacon for artists who want to pursue their true calling."

Stacie Kay Randall

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