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Art Career  Workshops

I collaborate with independent art alliances, art centers and schools, artist associations and others to present art business & professional development content that artists and creatives need now. 

As a professional artist myself, I understand the artist's world. I have experienced the tough balance of creating art while building a successful business.  I enjoy sharing the secrets and techniques I have mastered, and shorten the learning curve for artists as they progress down this same path.  

"As a professional artist myself, I understand the artist's world."

business of art workshops

Host a Workshop

These workshops provide business and career planning, goal setting, portfolio and marketing tactics, and other necessary skills to artists of all disciplines–from those who are starting out, to those who are ready to pivot, to those who just need a refresher. ​Ready to draw new artists into your community and help your artist community thrive?             

Marketing Your Art:  Learn the Secrets

Learn powerful marketing strategies for succeeding in the art world, as well as creativity tools for handling the natural anxieties that arise in this fun and information-packed presentation.

How to Succeed at Art Festivals without Losing Your Mind

This workshop is devoted to helping you prepare for a successful art festival while providing you with guidelines for getting into festivals, do’s and don’ts so that you and your booth will stand out, tips for acting professionally, selling effectively and a “what to pack” checklist.

​Approaching Galleries with Confidence

Find out what the right steps are to approaching the appropriate galleries and what these galleries really want from their artists.   



Becoming a Successful Artist:  Learn What it Takes

During this hands-on workshop, participants explore the habits and traits of successful artists, the seven innovative strategies that have an impact on artistic success and the tools needed to vitalize their creative life.

Approaching Your Market with Confidence

Identify markets such as galleries, art festivals, and art consultants where you might sell your artwork and learn how to properly approach them for representation....

Growing Your Art: Developing Into The Artist You Were Meant To Be

Aspiring artists devoted to their practice learn what it takes to cultivate their artistic expression and career.  Participants explore the creative and business side of developing their artistic voice, which will include the top 10 ways to grow.