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Beekman Press
Sharing Beauty and Humor

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Beekman Press shares beauty and humor with the world through greeting cards and gifts. We create products that help people celebrate life’s important events and are committed to preserving the tradition of card and gift giving. A Colorado–based greeting card studio, we began as a business called Chuckle & Chortle and have now grown to include two card lines.  Each line is so wonderfully different that a new name for the business was needed - Beekman Press.


For the humorously inclined, Chuckle and Chortle will have you laughing out loud.  Looking for something a bit more sentimental?  The Right Words will be right up your alley.  You can enjoy both of these lines by going to my Etsy shops.  

AND, if you're a retailer looking for wholesale information, please reach out.  I'm happy to provide you with pricing and terms.

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