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Beekman Painting

Rediscover your creativity and learn to paint in pastels.  I give painting workhsops because I want to share all that I know about the wonderful world of soft pastels.  These workshops are either in-person or Zoomed.  

People who take my workshops range from those that want a creative outlet for stress, to experienced artists, to those who want to weave more creativity, freedom and mindfulness into their daily lives.

I'm passionate about inspiring YOU to explore your creativity!

Kathy Beekman teaches painting classes
soft pastel artist Kathy Beekman

Sign up to receive updates on new and upcoming workshops.  Feel free to email me to see if there is a workshop that is on the horizon. 

Group In-Person Workshops

I offer an opportunity to learn how to create in soft pastels through traditional and experimental approaches. Each workshop is uniquely designed for an adult audience with an emphasis on experimentation.  Workshops are taught in an environment meant for exploration of various materials. Ready to learn a new skill and expand your own creative practice?

You provide the space and table and chairs, I'll provide many of the art supplies and a short and practical supply list for participants.  Let's do this!

painting workshops with artist Kathy Beekman
Zoomed art workshops painting in soft pastel with Kathy Beekman

Zoomed Workshops

Same as group in-person workshops but online and hosted by me.  These 2 hour workshops are so much fun and you get to meet people from around the world.

Each workshop is shaped to reflect the season we are currently in.  You will receive an image of what we will be creating along with a supply list.

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