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Not quite tame

rediscover the real you


Not Quite Tame is a series of retreats designed by women for women with a passion for wellness and empowerment. Our goal is to create a memorable and unifying experience for women ages 18-101.  These retreats are designed to help women rejuvenate and dive deeper into the understanding of who they are as complete and marvelous beings with many beautiful parts, some already being expressed and others repressed by societal norms.  Attendees will forge new relationships, and learn healthy practices that will support their growth and reconnect with all the parts of themselves.


This series of retreats is loosely based on the book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run with Wolves; Myths and Stories of the Wild Women Archetype.  They are designed for Wild Women like you who love growth, playful freedom, and new experiences all within the confines of a safe and supportive environment. At our retreats you will be free to rediscover the real YOU while playing without guilt, pressures, or responsibilities.



We have chosen to offer our retreats:


  • in natural environments that offer feminine renewal. Here women can enjoy silent hikes, mindfulness and restorative practices such as art making, meditation, movement and sacred ceremonies

  • to women so that they can discover the magic of sisterly connection

  • with full immersion experiences so that a person can dive deeper while having lots of fun

the benefits



A retreat is an invaluable investment in yourself and your future. You will have the opportunity for personal growth along with the freedom to be yourself. During the retreat, you will have no responsibilities and only have your well-being to focus on. No worries about planning or finding a place to eat or sleep (on our overnight retreats) and you will be free to go with the flow on this beautiful, relaxing journey.


Our retreats are for you if you want to:


  • relax and rejuvenate in a natural environment

  • grow into the WHOLE fabulous woman you are meant to be

  • create new friendships

  • experience a sense of belonging in a beautiful sisterhood

  • find joy in a playful environment

  • begin living deliciously


Our retreats include laughter, sharing, support, heartfelt conversation, carefully-crafted exercises and activities and sisterhood. And, of course JOY.

Come on your own and make new friends, or come with members of your friend circle, or women’s group. Celebrate the joy of embracing where you are right now in life in an inspiring and energizing Not Quiet Tamed retreat.

and more



We provide Energy Giving food for dinner and organic specialty teas throughout the day. You will savor the memory of this time spent with new friends long after you return home.


You explore hidden gems of the retreat location, try new activities, and connect deeply with one another. Picture a perfect blend of personal growth and relaxation in a supportive community of like-hearted women.


Expect to leave the grind, tasks, and care-taking behind and enjoy a guided day retreat focused on remembering and experiencing the real YOU. Slow down and reconnect to your SELF so that you can tap into what brings you pleasure and joy, and savor that sweet joy with others.

Not Quite Tame offers you the opportunity to discover the magic of sisterly connection, wholesome food, and the natural beauty of the outdoors. Even more impactful is the inner change you will experience, guided by empowering retreat hosts Kathy Beekman and Cera Meintzer.

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