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As an art career coach, Kathy works with visual artists of all kinds.  She helps them clarify goals, take sensible new risks and provides artists with the appropriate tools to help empower their career without becoming overwhelmed.  If you or an artist you know would like to develop action plans custom designed to personal needs, you can begin now by reviewing in more detail what benefits can be gained from art career coaching at and then contacting Kathy.​

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Prosper: A Success Book for Artists

Kathy Beekman with Anne Vickstrom

Packed with tips and real life experiences this book has been written by a professional artist for artists and offers crucial advice on how to reach personal artistic goals while also developing a sense of confidence. This practical and sensible book tackles the “big issues” that all artists face such as how to price artwork, approach a gallery, and remain organized and sane through it all. This is a must-have book for all artists looking to rise above the rest.

True to its title, Prosper: A Success Book for Artists is a proactive book which focuses on guiding rather than instructing the reader in making sound decisions in creating their own road to artistic success. Step-by-step guides help the artist to create everything from artist statements and resumes to marketing plans and networking strategies.


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