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Artist Community that meets online

Thrive More is an online community for artists who believe amazing things happen when we create, connect and support one another.  As a community, we believe that allowing time for creativity, maintaining self-care and having a supportive system are key to well-being and success.  Here you will also find a place to grow your art world in fun and productive ways.  LEARN MORE

confidence building for artists

Sue Horwitz

April 13th

Steps to Confident Decision Making

Sue Horwitz

Founder of Sue Horwitz Coaching

How good would it feel to be more decisive versus lying awake at night agonizing over what you should and shouldn't do? 


There's no sense of relief quite like making a well-thought-out, confident decision and moving on. The secret to making better decisions goes beyond listing pros and cons. Confident decision-making is a systematic approach. It's an approach you can learn.  

In this pragmatic and insightful talk, Sue will give you a proven, confidence-building system for making decisions in your personal and artistic life that are both bold and sound.

Zoom, 10-11:15am MST

Teri headshot.jpg

Teri Karjala

May 18th

The Path to IMPACT: Strategies to Conquer Fear, Overwhelm, and Stagnation

Teri Karjala

Founder of Talking with Teri

Ever wondered why; We shy away from taking that next bold business step?  
Ever wondered why; We sometimes hesitate to contribute our creativity to the fullest?
Ever wondered why; We feel stuck in our own thinking?  
Well, you’re not alone. The N.O.W. Model™ is a tool designed to help you transform your thinking and expand what you define as possible.

In this high-energy, interactive Keynote Program, Teri will share tips and techniques to;
• Release Self-Sabotaging blocks.
• Tools to deactivate fear that paralyzes you.
• Activate the Law of Attraction to attract more business.
• Activate your “success switch” to work smarter not harder.

Zoom, 10-11:15am MST

finances for artists

Amelia Kauffman

October 12th
Creating a Sacred Economics Mindset for Financial Abundance

Amelia Kauffman 

Founder of Selkskin Sacred Economics

Whether you want to lift your abundance vibration, raise your level of sacred economics awareness or heal your relationship with money, you’ll want Amelia’s easy financial tips that will help you create the financial literacy and stability you need.


Amelia is owner of Selkskin Sacred Economics and as a financial consultant helps clients reduce their anxiety about saving and protecting money with one-to-one consultations and financial eductation events.  As an artist, she understands your world and wants to ensure that you feel seen, supported and cared for on your entrepreneurial journey.

Zoom, 10-11:15am MST

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